Our Logo: Truth & Integrity

Our logo is the symbol for truth and integrity, the two concepts which drive this firm.  The logo's shape mimics that of an unfurling frond of a New Zealand fern, known to be a symbol of new life and hope, and a tie to Merrill's Kiwi-American heritage.  It is an artistics replication of the Fibonacci spiral.  The Fibonacci spiral is a graphical depiction of the golden mean, a mathematical formula that replicates itself throughout much of nature. You see it in galaxies, weather patterns (hurricanes), plants (unfurling ferns), animals (conch shells), etc.

Shells for Logo
For us, the logo is a visual reminder that there is an underlying truth, design, and order to what appears on the surface of the daily chaos of life.  The practice of law is premised upon logic, reasoning, and looking beyond the surface to discover underlying truth.  The spiral also suggests that there is a Planner and Creator behind what we see, and that there is a rhyme or reason to all things.  Law is about extracted ideas, designing a strategy, and expressing that idea to a jury, or in the case of estate planning, memorializing it like a formula on a blueprint.  As we diligently pursue a course of action in any case, this logo reminds us that our minds routinely deal in multiple realities.  We seek out the truth surrounding our reality, and commit to it with the utmost integrity.

The Law Offices of Merill A. Hanson

The symbolism of the maroon color is also intentional.  The dark red color is a warm and positive which experts say represents human nature's need and desire to thrive. It energizes, excites emotions, and motivates action.  It signifies a pioneering spirit, leadership promotes ambition and determination.