Important Announcement About Law Office of Merrill A. Hanson, APC

I am pleased to announce that the Law Office of Merrill A. Hanson, APC is broadening its service offerings and capacity to serve clients through a strategic interstate association with Sullivan Law, a law firm near Lake Tahoe, in Minden, Nevada.  The new alliance will permit existing and new clients to access legal representation in all of California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Sullivan Law

Sullivan Law is a multi-attorney firm started in Los Angeles in 1981 by J.D. Sullivan, and headquartered in Pasadena, California, until the 1990s.  The firm shares the same faith-based values I do, which drives the moral integrity by which we conduct our practice of law.  Like my firm, Sullivan Law is a general civil transactions and litigation firm, with active litigation in Federal and California courts.  Combining resources will fortify the advice and advocacy we provide to our clients.  Learn more about them at mindenlaw.com.

As part of the expected collaboration between these two firms, the headquarters for the Law Office of Merrill A. Hanson will change to the Lake Tahoe area, and with an expectation that the two firms will unite at a future date.  This is anticipated to take place by the end of 2018, but I will continue to work and have a physical presence in Glendora, California thereafter as well.  Please note, I signed a two-year lease in downtown Glendora this past November.  My connection with you will not change.

How will it work?

I plan to continue to practice California law, file lawsuits in California, and be available to clients by telephone, online, mail, and in person whenever needed.  All phone numbers, email addresses, the fax number (we still have one), the website, etc., will continue into the indefinite future.  I will add to my qualifications a license to practice Nevada law.  Due to favorable economic conditions outside of California, including the absence of state income tax in Nevada, my cost of doing business is expected to decrease, permitting my fee to be reduced below the present rate of $315 per hour.  Savings will be passed along to clients.

I am excited for the plan to join forces with Sullivan Law.  I will continue to keep you updated on any developments and provide more details about this venture as they become apparent, or follow us on our website.  Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

Merrill A. Hanson
150 E. Meda Ave., Suite 200
Glendora, CA 91741

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