Apply To Be Civil Grand Juror

Make A Difference In Your Community

If you live in Los Angeles County (and have for at least one year), and are civic-minded, then consider applying to be one of 23 citizens to be selected and trained to investigate the county, city and joint-powers agencies during a one-year tenure of Civil Grand Jury service.  The deadline to apply is November 12, 2021.  No experience of prior knowledge, skills, or abilities necessary (except to read and write in English).

The Civil Grand Jury acts as a government watchdog by examining the operations of various government agencies within Los Angeles County.  Civil grand jurors may invest weeks or months of time reviewing government institutions after attending detailed briefings and training sessions.  You typically work full time (30-40 hours per week) and receive about $60 in daily compensation (plus expense reimbursement for mileage).

For more information, visit www.lacourt.org/forms/jury

You can also email unofficial inquiries to Merrill at: merrill@mindenlaw.com

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