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It’s a good idea to review your estate plan on a regular basis, particularly after major life events occur to either the people in your life (marriages, divorces, deaths, etc.), or to the assets in your estate (inheritance, losses, new homes, etc.). Life is full of expected and unexpected turns, and many of them may lead to a need to amend a will or trust. The Law Office of Merrill A. Hanson is happy to amend your plan, regardless of who drafted it.

You do not need to go back to the original drafting attorney to have your plans updated. Call today to get a quote.

Check mark Red PNGChecklist of Changes Requiring Review of Will or Estate Plan

If any of the following events occur, you should request that I review the potential effect on you will or estate plan to determine whether they should be amended or revised. (This list is not an all-inclusive list.)

Changes in family relations

  • Marital separation or dissolution
  • Death of a spouse
  • Marriage of a single person
  • Changes regarding a child or grandchild or other beneficiary
  • Birth of a child (within wedlock or not)
  • Marriage of a child
  • Marriage dissolution of a child
  • Adoption of a child
  • Illness of a child
  • Death of a child
  • Economic change: good or bad fortune
  • Attitude change toward testator/trustor
  • Change in level of responsibility (finance, drugs, lifestyle, etc.)


Changes in your economic or personal condition

  • Asset values – increase or decrease
  • Change in insurability – health, life, disability, long-term care
  • Change in employment (esp. change in benefits)
  • Change in business interests – new partnerships or corporations
  • Property acquired in a different state
  • Change in health of client or spouse
  • Retirement from business or profession


External changes

Changes in laws; state and federal income, estate or gift taxes; property; trusts; probate

Change of residence to different state

Death, disability or relocation of executer, successor trustee, agent or guardian

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