Firearms: Inheritance Issues

Guns! Guns! Guns!  They are a hot topic for debate.  Do we need them?  Should society tolerate their use?  How do we protect ourselves effectively from the “crazy ones” with guns?  The reality is that the right to bear arms is protected by the United States Constitution, and because of that, firearms make up a portion of inheritable estates every year.  Do you know how this can affect you? Firearms inheritance issues face every gun-slinging American.

Guns, of course, happen to be highly regulated as their misuse can lead to devastating consequences.  There are both federal and state rules which restrict the lawful use and enjoyment of firearms.  A good portion of these laws relate to the transfer of firearms and whether a person is qualified to own a firearm.  Many of these codes are “penal” codes.  See where this is going?

Solving Firearms Inheritance Issues

Before you draft your estate plan, and before you begin distributing your loved one’s estate, you must know about the all-important gun laws.  Many individuals with good intentions accidentally violate firearms regulations simply because they do not know what the rules are.  Don’t make this mistake.

There are age requirements (both 18 and 21) for various firearms, there are background check requirements, residency requirements, certification requirements, safe handling demonstration requirements, safety device requirements, transportation requirements, storage requirements, reporting requirements, and of course, the submission of forms, forms, FORMS!  These are just a sample, and this is in no way a complete list.  Plus, the rules change depending upon what type of firearm is involved.

If you own firearms, talk to us to help you prepare your estate plan.  If you are administering someone’s estate, talk to us before you transfer a firearm.  You do not want to make a mistake when it comes to the all-powerful firearm.  The lawful use of firearms is your Constitutional right.  Being informed about how to use your rights safely and responsibly is how you preserve your rights.

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Originally Published March 9, 2015


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