A guardian is a person who has received permission from the court to make certain decisions and take care of a minor or adult who cannot take care of themselves and their property.

Why Is A Guardianship Necessary? 

  • Is your child professionally employed?
  • Did your child receive an inheritance?

In California, most all parents are already the legal guardians of their own minor children.  This does not mean that you have power and control over your minor's assets, and your minor can not access funds until they are 18 years of age.  For this situation someone needs to become the guardian of the "estate" of the minor.  Most parents do not bother to do this because their children do not have significant assets, or the assets are held in an UGMA/UTMA account.  When a minor does acquire assets, and those assets need protection, then a guardianship of the estate is recommended.

  • Was your family member recently orphaned and needs help?
  • Are you nominated in a will to serve as a legal guardian?

In other situations, such where someone other than the minor's parent needs to make decisions about the care and maintenance of a child, then a legal guardianship over the "person" may need to be pursued.


How Do I Become A Guardian?

The Law Office of Merrill A. Hanson provides full-service assistance to help clients pursue a guardianship inside California.  We have had the privilege to care for clients in probate court houses between Los Angeles County and Shasta County, and we are certified to appear in any other California courtroom.  You can trust us to do what is necessary to get results.

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A conservator is a judge-appointed person or organization who is responsible for the care of another adult (called the “conservatee”) who cannot care for himself or herself or manage his or her own finances..

Why Is A Conservatorship Necessary? 

  • Do you have a family member that is disabled and unable to care for their own needs?
  • Do you need to help a family member or close friend receive government disability benefits? 
  • Do you have a mentally disabled family member who has received an inheritance?

In California, once you turn 18 years old, you become an "independent" adult, that is to say, the person's parent or legal guardian no longer gets to make decisions on their child's (or ward's) behalf.  This is true even for persons that do not have the mental or physical capacity to care for themselves without outside help.  In many instances, severely disabled individuals do not need any additional assistance other than that which they receive from the State, and the care they receive from their group home.  In other situations it makes sense to get court approval to be the person to make important decisions for the disabled adult.

  • Was your family member recently seriously and permanently injured and needs help?
  • Is your disabled child turning 18 years old and need additional assistance?

The court can appoint a person to be the conservator of the person's "estate," over their "person," or both.  

How Do I Become A Conservator?

The Law Office of Merrill A. Hanson provides full-service assistance to help clients pursue a conservatorship inside California.  Merrill A. Hanson had a family member with special needs and he understands the legal challenges that accompany that special situation.  This firm also maintains a list of outside service providers that can assist clients with obtaining the government benefits needed for those with special needs.  You can trust us to do what is necessary to get results.

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