Harness the Power of Technology

Law Office of Merrill A. Hanson invests aggressively in state of the art technology to give its clients an advantage over the competition.  The firm’s use of technology allows attorneys to spend more time on what matters most, like client interaction and legal explanations.  This is possible because the firm’s founder, Merrill A. Hanson, worked for a time as an IT consultant prior to becoming an attorney.  For the firm, this means specialized devices, policies, and secret security protocols.  For the legal industry, this means the bar has just been raised.

Technological advancements in the legal field over the past decade have challenged some attorneys, but propelled others even further.  While the printed document still has a place, and even this firm still has a fax machine to accommodate those other firms still stuck in the 90's, internet technology has changed the landscape of how law is practiced, at least for those that understand how to leverage it.  

Technology in the Legal Practice

  • No more research libraries; digital books
  • Paperless client files
  • Texting with attorneys
  • 3D digital renditions of accident scenes
  • Instantaneous background checks and credit reports
  • Property reports
  • Asset verification
  • Digital signatures
  • Video conferences
  • Document generating software

In a world measured by the tenth of an hour, all this translates to efficiency, and this is beginning to be noticed by satisfied clients.  What once took a Dictaphone, a paid typist, a sheet of bond paper, a custom envelope, and a postage stamp, now takes mere moments and a click of a button.  Plus, with typing speeds up to 90 words per minute (at least for this attorney), the practice of law is fast-paced and firms must be competitive to stay in the game. 

The Law Office of Merrill A. Hanson can now do an entire estate plan in less time that it takes most people to eat a nice sit-down meal (most cases).  Most of the time is spent talking with the client, understanding their situation, and executing the documents after they have been produced.  The skill set of a new age attorney has changed.  In this digital world where we are constantly on our mobile devices, do you want to work with an attorney that cannot type, text, or competently utilize technology?

With all this technology floating around, some say, how long before computers replace attorneys?  The answer is that there will probably always be room for attorneys.  The moment an attorney is replaced by a computer, another attorney has already figured out how to beat the computer.  That’s what attorneys do.  We fight, argue, and overthrow.  Computers just make us stronger.

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Originally Published July 18, 2016

This page is not intended to convey legal advice. You should contact an attorney for your specific situation.