Have a dispute with a neighbor you need resolved? Avoid the cost of litigation and try mediation first. Discounts are available for mediation sessions occurring before litigation 
documents are filed. Call for details.

Why Mediation?

Why go through the hassle of litigation when you have the power to resolve your own 
conflicts? If you go to court, it is likely a judge will force you to go to mediation before you see the inside of the courthouse.
Plus, with the recent closures of courthouses, you will wait for years to get the remedy you seek. When you do get to court, do you really trust a jury of your peers to decide your case for you? AVOID IT ALL WITH MEDIATION!

How It Works

Mediation is a process in which parties engage the services of a neutral third party to facilitate communication and come to a resolution. This often means coming to an agreement with the other party which may or may not be reduced to writing. The writing could later be introduced in court if someone fails to do what they promised to do.

Why Merrill?

Merrill is a certified mediator and meets all requirements of DRPA for court-connected mediation. He was a member of the Violent Offenders Mediation Program (VOMP) in the Inland Empire, and volunteers from time to time as a mediator in family court and small claims court at the Superior Court of California, County of Riverside. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of La Verne College of Law having graduated cum laude.