Public Service Announcement: No Online Notaries

Online notarization is not legal.  That’s right, there really are no online notaries in California (legally). Do not be fooled by what you may see advertised online, you cannot have a California notarization completed online, via webcam, etc. At least as of the date of this publication, online notarization is not permissible and a California notary must be personally present with the person executing the notary book in order to complete the notarization legally.

Notaries Help Prevent Fraud

The purpose of the State of California having a system whereby a Notary Public checks an individual’s identification and verifies that the person executing a document is the same person named in the document is to help dissuade fraud. It is no surprise that there are instances where criminals try to cheat the system, but it is particularly shameful when a Notary Public assists in the commission of fraud – or outright commits fraud themselves. When the system on which we rely upon to protect ourselves from lies itself begins to fail, then our society will suffer as the legal implications of lies takes effect.

Report bad notaries.  Merrill A. Hanson is an attorney and notary, and has spent many hours researching notary laws, compliance issues, and exposing unethical notary practices. If you have been a victim or know of a crooked notary, take action! A California notary public who has been found to have violated California notary public law is subject to disciplinary action taken by the Secretary of State. You can file a complaint with the California Secretary of State here: http://www.sos.ca.gov/notary/file-complaint. You can also seek civil recourse for the harms caused to you by hiring an attorney.

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Originally Published December 7, 2016
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