Intellectual Property

Copyright and Trademark infringements lead to lost profits and diluted branding. You can not afford to have someone else using your intangible assets or benefiting from your hard work. Protect yourself with the full force of the law.

  • Music Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Copyright [©]
  • Trademark [™/®]
  • Unfair Competition

Music Law refers to all aspects of music production and performance. Merrill has a particularly dear spot in his practice for artists because Merrill worked as a performer and instructor prior to becoming an attorney. What this means is that Merrill knows and understands the creative mind and can help individuals and groups reach their dreams by handling the legal side of the business of music.

Entertainment law is the heading given to the area of the legal industry that focuses on the creators and performers of the arts. This includes all aspects of entertainment from organizing a band, to writing music or literature, and creating other fine arts.

Intellectual Property Services

  • Register Copyrights
  • Register Trademarks
  • Form Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Prepare, Review, and Negotiate Contracts
  • Write and Respond to Cease and Desist Letters
  • Infringement Litigation
  • Collection Letters
  • Business Plans

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