What is Christian Estate Planning?

While the ultimate goal is the same for all estate planners (who gets what, and how), a Christian approaches the estate planning process from a unique perspective. A Christian recognizes that their assets have been entrusted to them by God, and they desire to please God with their stewardship of these assets throughout their life. So when it comes to Estate Planning, rather than asking, “What should I do with my things when I die?” a Christian will ask, “What is God asking me to do with my things when I die?”

The answer to this question is very personal. Each individual must decide how they can best honor God as they arrive at their answer, and the process requires prayer, careful thought and meditation. In answering this question, a Christian must make a careful and honest assessment of themselves, their lives and their relationship with the one true God.

Your Estate Plan is your last opportunity to shape the legacy you will leave behind.

It is your last opportunity to prayerfully steward the assets God has trusted you with, and it is a powerful and lasting way to impress upon your loved ones the things that matter to you most. Through your Estate Plan, you are able to demonstrate your faith in a very tangible way.

Our motto is Your Life. Your Legacy.

We don’t tell you what to do, we simply remind you to ask God for wisdom before you begin the Estate Planning process. The decisions involved in Estate Planning are personal, and they are decisions that are between you and God. As your attorney, I can help distill your vision into a legally binding document that will ensure your wishes are met.

It’s Your Life. Your Legacy.

If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to take a look at our short study which exposes Estate Planning concepts from a biblical perspective. You can access the study at the following link: Christian Estate Planning.

Originally published August 8, 2017 by Merrill A. Hanson; all copyright rights reserved. This article is not intended to convey legal advice.  You should seek out an attorney for your legal advice.

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